Hi, my name is

Dan Norris

I’m a Software Engineer based in Bristol, UK who builds user-experiences and applications for the web that add value.Find me on Twitter and GitHub.

About Me

Hey, I’m Dan. I live in Bristol, UK and I’m a Software Engineer at LexisNexis, a FTSE100 tech company that helps companies make better decisions by building applications powered by big data.

I have a background and over 5 years experience as a Principal Technical Recruiter and Manager. Some of my clients have included FTSE100 and S&P500 organisations including Marsh, Chubb and Hiscox.

After deciding that I wanted to shift away from helping companies sell their tech enabled products and services and start building them myself, I graduating from a tech accelerator called DevelopMe_ in 2020 and requalified as a Software Engineer. I enjoy creating seamless end-to-end user experiences and applications that add value.

In my free time you can find me rock climbing around local crags here in the UK and trying to work towards a long-term goal of ticking off all the 4,000m peaks in the Alps.

Here are a few things that I've been working with recently:

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Featured Project

Neu UI

Prototype and build projects faster using Neu UI - an open source React component library designed to neumorphic style. Built using React, Jest and Storybook.




Featured Project


WIP. Twitter clone project built using Laravel and TailwindCSS. Hosted on AWS EC2.



Tailwind CSS


Featured Project


Enabling you and friends to draft, select, randomise and predict the probability of winning a football game of team sizes between 1 - 9 players. React, Redux, Sass, AWS EC2, Jest.





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I’m not currently looking for new opportunities but my inbox is always open.

Always happy to connect with new people. I'm particularly interested in speaking engagements, open-source collaborations and anything to do with tech careers, Laravel, Vue or React.